January 17-20, 2020
Santa Cruz Mountains
Spiral Camp is an affordable weekend retreat led by Sebastian Grubb and Shira Yaziv. It's a unique gathering and workshop, blending multiple physical modalities and training strategies. Improve your movement quality, learn new skills, study anatomy and biomechanics, and meet other awesome folks who see expressive, dynamic movement as essential to a good life.

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AGILE BEAST : Meta Fitness Training
October 19 & 20, 2018
12-6pm @ Finnish Hall, Berkeley CA

AGILE BEAST is for people serious and curious about developing their fitness training, movement practice, and/or movement coaching. It's time to get a little Beastly! I'm synthesizing my 12+ years experience as a fitness coach, professional dancer and Axis Syllabus teacher to create a methodology for fitness training rooted in dynamic health. This workshop includes detailed presentations, exploratory exercises, and full-on workouts. Suitable for those with an active movement practice.

“Agile Beast is awesome! Sebastian combines detailed information with kickass workouts to help you embody it. I found this workshop very helpful as both a dancer and movement coach.” - Belinda H

This workshop covers a range of topics and workout formats to take your fitness training to the next level:
* Healthy Joints: Training Triaxially
* Fascial Fitness: Accessing Connective Tissue Superstructures
* Social Animals: Partner Exercises
* Freestyle Running: The Embodiment of Trails
* Core Questions: Re-Contextualizing Abdominal Exercises
* Eating Victories: Nutrition for Sports Performance
* Empower Yourself: How to Design Workouts
* And More!

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January 18-21, 2019
Santa Cruz Mountains