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Trainer Awards

  • “Best Trainer” in the SF Bay Guardian
  • “Best Personal Trainer” in the SF Weekly
  • “Best Of” Thumbtack Professionals
  • Champion of the “Battle of the Best Trainers” by the National Fitness Campaign
  • Yelp’s Top-Ranked Personal Trainer in Noe Valley, San Francisco

About Sebastian

Sebastian has been a personal trainer, health coach, and professional dancer since 2006. He specializes in outdoor functional fitness training that helps his clients find their inner athlete. With a unique background in dance and biomechanics, Sebastian offers a detailed approach to fitness training that minimizes injury and allows injured people to keep training. Sebastian holds certificates as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Health Coach, Axis Syllabus Teacher, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports Nutrition Specialist. He’s based in San Francisco.

Sebastian’s approach to fitness and his commitment to the wellbeing of his clients goes beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in the fitness industry. He exemplifies health in all aspects of his life and focuses on the long-lasting steps to leading a healthy lifestyle which has been especially inspiring for me. – Jenny S.

Sebastian’s Movement Philosophy

I believe everyone should be reaching toward their personal next level. Whatever current ability you have, let’s work to expand and deepen that. I also believe that fitness programs and trainers should train their clients as full beings, not as machines made of muscles and bones.

That said, functional fitness can get very dynamic and very advanced, and be a powerful tool to open up the world for us. If you want to climb a mountain, learn a sport or dance style, or play with your kids for years to come, you should be able to do it. Functional fitness training allows you to be versatile enough to keep doing these things.

Over the years I’ve learned that training cannot be a linear process. It is cyclical and shifts based on one’s life, needs, injuries, desires and experiences. Having ups and downs and side-steps is completely normal and not a reason to quit training or feel like a failure. Instead, these changing moments are times to reflect and recoup. Trainers need to be prepared to help clients through these times and be ready to change too.

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