Steph’s Success: A SuperMom Story


Steph shows up consistently and trains hard. She has reaped the benefits from this, including while going through pregnancy and recovering afterward. Here are her own words about how fitness training has been an important part of her life.

“I’ve been active most of my life, having played basketball all through high school. I’ve worked with trainers for a number of years, and now with Sebastian since 2014. Training with him helps me not only stay in shape and have better mental clarity at work, but also to have the strength and energy to keep up with my 1 year old!

I was so glad to continue training during my pregnancy. It felt great to keep up my workout routine, knowing that I was doing the best thing for my growing babe. Sebastian had me decrease abdominal-specific exercises as the pregnancy developed, checking in frequently to make sure the workouts were appropriate for me and in-line with the advice of my midwife. I ended up being able to stay quite active in my workouts with Sebastian during this time, maintaining my health and strength while my body was going through so many changes.

Now that my son is earth side, it’s been really fun bringing him to workouts with me. I love that he is being introduced to fitness so early and he also doubles as a really cute training weight and workout companion. I can’t wait until he can participate in the workouts with me!

My favorite part of working with Sebastian is how knowledgeable he is about the human body. He really thinks through what exercises we do each day and makes sure I get a full body workout by the end of the week. I also really love the group workouts, such fun energy and makes it even more motivating. I would recommend him to anyone, from people looking to get back in shape to fitness enthusiasts like myself!”

It’s inspiring to see Steph’s commitment to health and how she is modeling that for her young son. Here’s to many more years of an active life for the entire family!

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