Smokey Air and Exercise

It’s smokey out there… what to do?

This is how I went for an outdoor run a couple days ago.

Last Thursday, the largest, most destructive wildfire in California’s history was ignited in Northern California. Since then the air quality in the SF Bay Area has been unhealthy to breathe. This happened in 2017 too, after another extra-dry summer and early autumn.

The past few days have forced me to cancel many sessions and move both group sessions and private sessions indoors when possible. Training indoors means better air quality in these circumstances, especially if you have air conditioning and/or an air purifier.

If you’re outside for more than a few minutes, I encourage you to wear a breathing mask rated P95 (or N95) and above. The “95” means approximately 95% of small particles in the air are filtered out. The mask has to fit snugly to achieve this. Bandanas and normal paper breathing masks do not filter out smoke particles. Read more on masks at the bottom of this wildfire article.

When the wind shifts to primarily coming from the West, that tends to clear the air in the SF Bay Area. Rain helps too. Until then, breathe safe!