I train 6 days a week in San Francisco. Below you'll find my schedule of semi-private Small Group sessions (2-6 people). These are outdoor, functional fitness sessions and booked ahead of time.

To join a group session or to train 1:1 at another time, please contact me.


MONDAY: 7am, 9:30am

TUESDAY: 7am, 8:15am

WEDNESDAY: no sessions

THURSDAY: 7am, 8:15am

FRIDAY: 7am, 9:30am

9:30am (Advanced)
10:30am (Intermediate)
12pm (Beginner)

Meet me at Noe and Liberty, bottom of the stairs!
Meet me at Noe and Liberty, bottom of the stairs!

Watch below to see what my group sessions are like:

I credit Sebastian with an overall improvement in my life. I feel confident in my body and my abilities again. - David P.

Out-of-Town Dates 2019

I’ll be unavailable on the following dates. I’m happy to help you plan your workout schedule and strategy for when I'm away.

January 19-21 (Spiral Camp)
February 18 (Presidents' Day)
May 11-22 (Movement Exploration Retreat)
July 3-7 (Stars & Stripes)
September 2 (Labor Day)
November 27-30 (Thanksgiving)
December 22 - January 4 (Winter Holidays)