Jenny’s Success: Becoming a Runner

learning to love running

Jenny has made great strides as a runner over the past couple years and it has increased her capacity in training in general as well as in her work as a professional dancer. It’s been really exciting for me to help her to this end by crafting mini-goals and putting the focus on enjoyment and the love of running, rather than ‘just getting the miles in’.

In Jenny’s Words:
“Growing up as both an athlete and dancer, I have always “run”. Up and down the basketball court and soccer field, and from one spot on stage to the other, but that was the extent of it – purely a means of getting from point A to point B. I definitely did not consider myself a runner and, to be honest, I dreaded the thought of running for more than 10 minutes.”

“Since meeting and training with Sebastian in 2014 however, running has become not only a weekly part of my routine, but something I genuinely look forward to and enjoy doing. Setting small, attainable goals in time and/or distance has been crucial to my progress. Before, I would set out aimlessly and stop when I was tired, never improving upon my current capacity. By being goal oriented, I began pushing myself and holding myself accountable to achieve something specific (and often times even going beyond those goals). Working on short interval sprints has hugely increased my speed and cardiovascular capacity and helps the workout go by faster (and let’s be honest, it feels pretty bad-ass to run as fast as you possibly can!).”

“I try to balance out my weekly workouts with 2 to 3 running days, alternating my focus between speed and distance, trail and pavement. I also do strength training the other 3 to 4 days – another key tool for improving your running!”

“From 30 years of dancing, I have several small injuries with my hips and knees to work around, but I listen to my body — when it feels like too much, I back off, and I foam-roll like nobody’s business. Yoga has also been especially helpful. Not only does it balance out my training with stretching and a sense of softening, but the ability to focus on and control my breathing has been fundamental for me; it helps me maintain a constant, grounding rhythm that often becomes meditative when I run.”

“This past August, while running through the streets and parks of London, I completed my first 13.1 miles! It was such a gratifying and empowering achievement and something I would’ve never before thought possible, because I didn’t think I was a runner. Well, turns out I am one (and I have a feeling you can become one, too!).”

It is exciting to get better at something, regardless of your current level. For Jenny, this meant completing a half marathon after years of wanting to but now knowing how. Perhaps a half marathon is a good goal for you too. Or maybe it’s jogging for 10 minutes without stopping. Whatever it is, try setting a specific goal for yourself to take things to your next level. Once you’re there for a while, you just may want to take it another step…

Jenny Stulberg

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