Health Coaching: How it Works

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Health coaching is a powerful way to improve your life for the long-term. I work with my clients to bring meaningful, sustainable change to their lifestyles to safeguard their health and vitality. The goal is never to find a “quick-fix”, but rather to gradually incorporate more and more healthy habits into your every day.

Most of us believe we could lead a healthier lifestyle if only we had a little more…something! We may already know some habits that need changing but we lack the motivation or support to change them. Or we may be confused about the details of what foods to eat or how best to exercise or how much sleep to get. Often what we really need is a few questions answered and an ally in making small-but-concrete changes to move us in the right direction. This is where health coaching comes in.

Fortunately for us in this modern era, diet, exercise, sleep and other health arenas have been well studied. While there is still much more to discover, the scientific community has a pretty good idea of how best to do these things to optimize your personal, lifelong health. Human psychology in relationship to building and maintaining healthy habits has also been studied. Put all this together and we actually have a shot at leading the energetic, kickass lives that we really want.

My health and nutrition coaching is designed to help you lead a healthier, more vibrant life. My philosophy and strategy of stepwise progression is an evidence-based approach to shifting health habits so that wellness is no longer a matter of willpower, but rather a matter of practice and design.

I’m a certified Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I’m not a medical professional, but I do recommend dietary strategies that are shown in studies to lower disease risk and increase healthy lifespan. I personally follow and recommend the scientifically-backed recommendations of medical doctors Joel Fuhrman and Michael Greger, and registered dietitians Virginia Messina and Jack Norris.

I do web-based coaching via phone or video. I like to start people with a weekly coaching session for 4 weeks, which gives you time to develop a healthier diet and start building new habits. After that we can reevaluate what’s helpful going forward. I will suggest reading/viewing assignments and have you keep a food journal for us to go over each week as part of the process.

Health coaching sessions are 55 minutes. A monthly 4-pack of coaching sessions also gives you unlimited access to email correspondence with me. If you live in San Francisco, a health tour of your favorite grocery store is another option for one of our sessions together.

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