Corrective Exercise Specialist – Balance Your Body

If you have chronic discomfort, poor posture, or repeated injuries, I can help.

In September I became certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. This allows me to assess postural deviation and discomfort, and to create thorough, corrective exercise programs to resolve these issues.

In my 10+ years as a fitness trainer, I have observed common postural and functional issues in many clients. Symptoms such as pain in the knees, low-back, shoulder and neck, are typical signs of structural imbalance in the body. They’re often accompanied by torso stiffness, knees and foot arches that fall in toward the midline, less balance and less dynamic range for fitness.

The good news is that these things can be changed.

When you begin a Corrective Exercise program, you are taking charge of your body’s future. Instead of having increasingly bad posture over time, or getting more and more used to daily pain and discomfort, you can start proactively to change your body for the better.

Contact me to learn more or sign-up for a consultation.

This specialty builds on my work as a functional fitness trainer and teacher of the Axis Syllabus, the latter of which focuses on biomechanical analysis of complex movement patterns. Now I’m better able to address your specific postural and functional issues and work with you to create a training plan to literally reprogram and retrain your body’s structure.

Stay tuned for my new weekly group class, the Corrective Exercise Clinic, starting in January 2018. I’ll also begin offering corrective exercise training as a stand-alone service at that time.

For more about this certification, visit The Biomechanics Method.

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