Advantages of Small Group Training

Small Group Training is a motivating alternative to 1on1 sessions.

1on1 training is great, especially if you are new or returning to fitness training. Once you are back in the groove though, there are significant advantages to exercising in a small group: increased motivation and accountability. Working out with like-minded individuals often proves to be more energizing and motivating, because it creates an environment of healthy competition, teamwork, and camaraderie. Plus you know others are expecting–and looking forward to–a great workout with you!

I train small groups every day. The cost is lower than 1on1 sessions, which makes training more financially sustainable for many people. My small group workouts are not drop-in classes, however. Instead, each one is booked for each person, and as a trainer I know everyone’s training history, what they’ve already done that week, what their goals are, and what exercises do and don’t work for them.

Check out my schedule of small group sessions. Contact me to get started.

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