A Berry Good Life

eat with abandon

Eating berries every day is a powerful health strategy, whether they’re fresh, frozen or dried.

It’s true that fruit is good for you. But only 13% of Americans eat the recommended 1.5 – 2 cups of fruit per day. And there are significant benefits from eating more.

Not all fruit is created equal, however. Some are more nutrient-dense than others, meaning they have more nutrients-per-calorie and help reduce your risk of disease. The more you eat of these fruits, such as berries, cherries and pomegranate, the more you support your own health (yes, even if you are concerned about sugar). They are incredibly high in antioxidants, for example, which means they slow cellular aging.

The sugar in fruit and berries comes in a health package. Unlike table sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc., the sugar in fruit is only one of the nutrients present. On the whole, fruit is absolutely health promoting, second only to vegetables for nutrient density.

Here are my personal favorites:

Goji berries (dried)
Mulberries (dried)

Eat them solo, add to oatmeal or a salad, or make a green smoothie!

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