Get Real Fit.

I train outdoors near Dolores Park in San Francisco and in my clients' homes. Sessions are held Monday-Saturday, 6am-1pm. Please contact me if you need additional training times or live outside SF.

Training with me you will notice increased energy and confidence, reduced body fat, increased muscle tone, greatly improved cardiovascular fitness, and a body that is more balanced, capable and athletic. I offer a no-fads, no-gimmicks approach for people who want real fitness.


Sebastian is by far the best trainer I've ever worked with. I never thought I'd call a workout a "treat" but that's exactly what his group sessions are. - Nathalie A.

Small Group Training


Small group sessions are energizing and motivating, while reducing cost.

Small Group Sessions are 2-6 people and scheduled ahead of time so I can plan a top notch workout for everyone. $50. Schedule.

Boot Camp Sessions are capped at 12 people and feature dynamic, full-body workouts for all levels. $30. Schedule.


Personal Training


I've been a personal trainer since 2006. Let me customize workouts for you to help you achieve your personal fitness and athletic goals.

Contact me to set up a phone consultation and first training session.

1:1 Personal Fitness Training
$125 Single Session
$115 per session 5-pack
$110 per session 10-pack

Private Small Group Training
+ $30 per additional person

In-Home Training
+ $50 travel fee

Health Coaching

Sebastian and the Greens

Ready to get healthy? Want a diet-style that gives you more energy, less bodyfat, and less disease? Let's do it.

I'm a certified Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I'm dedicated to being as healthy as possible and using the latest scientific research to shape my lifestyle. I want to help you do the same.

Sessions are held online via FaceTime, Skype, etc.

$125 Single Session
$425 One Month 4-pack
$800 Two Month 8-pack

Contact me to get started.

After doing in-depth research on trainers in the SF area, it was clear that Sebastian was the top pick. And it's true - he's amazing and we couldn't be happier. - Allison C.