I train 6 mornings a week in San Francisco, from 6am-1pm. Below you'll find my schedule of small-group sessions (2-6 people) and larger boot camps (2-12 people). These are outdoor, functional fitness sessions and booked the weekend before.

To join an open group session or to train 1:1 at another time, please contact me.


MONDAY: 7am (Small Group). 8:15am (Boot Camp)

TUESDAY: 7am (Small Group). 8:15am (Small Group)

WEDNESDAY: Private Sessions Only

THURSDAY: 7am (Small Group). 8:15am (Boot Camp)

FRIDAY: 7am (Small Group). 9:15am (Small Group)

SATURDAY: 9:30am (Small Group). 10:30am (Small Group)

Meet me at Liberty and Noe Streets
Meet me at Liberty and Noe Streets

I credit Sebastian with an overall improvement in my life. I feel confident in my body and my abilities again. - David P.

Out-of-Town Dates 2017

I’ll be unavailable on the following dates. I’m happy to help you plan your workout schedule and strategy for when I'm away.
April 25-30
June 29 - July 9
August 14 - 27
November 23 - 26
December 23 - January 1